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Tilak's Kitchen

Tilak's Kitchen offers a unique dining experience, blending delicious Telugu cuisine with a nostalgic ambiance reminiscent of 80's and 90's wedding feasts. With a focus on cinematic home-cooked vibes, Tilak's Kitchen aims to transport diners back to the bygone era while offering delectable & authentic South Indian cuisine. Additionally, Tilak's Kitchen provides catering services, making it a go-to choice for events and gatherings.


Social Media & Digital Campaigns


Tialk's Kitchen


Food and Hospitality (Restaurant and Catering Services)

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  • Establishing Tilak's Kitchen as the pioneer in promoting Telugu culinary traditions in Hyderabad.

  • Creating brand awareness and differentiation in a competitive market.

  • Generating leads for both restaurant dining and catering services.

Solutions Provided

  1. Branding Strategy

  2. Social Media Campaigns

  3. Digital Marketing Campaigns

  4. Lead Generation Tactics

  5. Content Creation


  1. Increased Brand Recognition: Tilak's Kitchen established itself as a premier destination for authentic Telugu cuisine with a nostalgic ambiance.

  2. Enhanced Engagement: Social media engagement and following saw significant growth, with users expressing excitement and nostalgia for Tilak's Kitchen's offerings.

  3. Improved Lead Generation: Implemented lead generation tactics resulting in a steady growth of reservations for restaurant dining and catering services.

  4. Positive Customer Feedback: Customers praised Tilak's Kitchen for its delicious food, nostalgic ambiance, and excellent service, leading to repeated visits and referrals.

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