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DPS, Amaravati

Delhi Public School, Amaravati - Guntur an innovative , comprehensive institution devoted to provide students with well-rounded education in a conducive learning environment. Onepoint61 has been working with them to create and develop visibility and lead generation campaigns both online and offline.
Through carefully crafted digital strategies and creative content Onepoint61 has been able to increase its visibility and generate more admissions for the institution.


Print, Outdoor & Digital


DPS Amaravati




It started with an in-depth competitive analysis to identify where DPS had an opportunity to grow and stand out. This involved examining the social media presence of its competitors.

Developed a comprehensive digital strategy to target DPS' audience and increase its visibility. This included content creation for blog, website, and social media profiles, as well as SEO optimization to make sure it was easily discoverable on search engines.

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Campaign Management

The campaign success was based on the simple and effective approach that was tailored to the sensibilities and preferences of the region. Using Telugu across few selected mediums helped us to deliver our message in a way that was easy for the parents to receive the information without any confusion. 

We could send out a clear message about the infrastructure, facilities, curriculums and other important aspects that make the decision making easier for the parent.

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