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SpaceUp specializes in full home interiors and modular kitchens for high-end gated communities. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative design, Space Up transforms living spaces into luxurious and functional environments. Partnering with onepoint61, Space Up embarked on a journey to establish a strong online presence and engage with its target audience effectively.



Social Media & Digital Campaigns




Interior Design

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  • Establishing a Strong Brand Identity.

  • Tailoring Content for Diverse Audiences.

  • Demonstrating Expertise and Results through Compelling Content.

Solutions Provided

  1. Comprehensive Analysis

  2. Informative Social Media Strategy

  3. Targeted Content Curation


  1. Enhanced Brand Awareness: Through strategic content and engagement tactics, Space Up increased its brand visibility and recognition within its target market.

  2. Increased Engagement: Space Up's social media channels experienced heightened engagement as the audience interacted with informative content, project case studies, and testimonials.

  3. Improved Lead Generation: By showcasing the quality of its work and expertise, Space Up attracted new leads and inquiries from prospective clients interested in its interior design services.

Spaceup social media
SpaceUp Socialmedia
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